23 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey

Dear friends,

Today we are proud to celebrate this first and only Children's Day in the world.This day was a gift of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to all children in the world. Every year lots and lots of children from all around the world come to Turkey to introduce their culture and folk dances and get to know about our culture as well.Our newly elected charismatic Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar welcomed the guests from 7 countries to Karsiyaka.

the first before the last

Dear friends, we were the first country to prepare the items for the "Traveling Suitcase". We didn't want to put the photos online to keep it as a surprise, but agreed to show you the preparation part.The photos were taken in September, 2013.Sule,Berk and Abdullah (the team who went to Poland meeting) helped us during the preparation.

8 Nisan 2014 Salı

Visit to Budapest

Hi everyone!We were in Budapest between 16-21 March 2014. We came back with unforgettable memories.We were very impressed by seeing the city very closely as we had a shared history for almost 150 years.We had an amazing time while learning the traditional Hungarian dances.Thank you for your hospitality,organisation and friendship.We will miss you!

Visit to Barcelona

Hi dear friends!

It's going to be a quick update.We had a wonderful time in Barcelona!The activities were well organized and productive.We were very impressed when we saw the works of Gaudi.What a man!!The city was hectic but enjoyable.And the most important thing is the hospitality of the families and friendship of the Catalan Team.Thanks for everything!Here are somen photos of the lovely memories:

Students' Profiles Updated

Murat Tuna

My name is Murat Tuna , I’m 16 years old .I was born in Izmir on 24 October ,1997 .I’m currently living in Izmir . I’m attending Bayraklı High School at 11th grade . I’m a competitive , friendly and an optimistic person . I like eating vegetables more than meat .I like painting and my famous  favourite artist is Van Gogh . I like reading books , watching TV and I like to listen to music . My favourite musician is Rihanna. I like travelling . I’m an enjoyable and sociable person .I want to be an interior designer in the future .I'm going to join you in Greece.

Şevval Hepgüneş

 Hi! My name is Şevval. I am 16 years old. I live in İzmir. I'm student at Bayraklı High school.I have got two brothers. My father is a police. I love my family. 
   I don't think my voice is so beautiful but I love to sing and dance. I like read detective story. I listening to all types of music from good to me. Thanks for reading. Hopefully see you around.  =) 
Ülkem Nefise Işıklar

 My name is Ülkem Nefise IŞIKLAR.I am 16 years old.I was born in 1997 in Afyonkarahisar. I live in
Izmir. I am a student in Bayraklı High School. My father is an officer and  my mother is a housewife. I
 have a brother.He is a student at the university. I have brown eyes and black hair. I am 176 cm tall. I like going out with my friends . In my spare time, I like dancing and swimming. I like Indian films. I love all
 the dishes. I love listening to music. I think everyone has a great meaning in music . My family and some friends is very precious  to me. I am an Aries. I like to see new places.


20 Aralık 2013 Cuma

Turkish Winter Song recorded by Greece

We all have been working on the winter song for quite some time.It was not easy to decide on a song of our own country for us,because we don't have Christmas :) Our songs about winter are a bit sad, unlike the rest of our comenius friends, since winter is cold and this bitter cold saddens the souls.We chose a song describing this bitterness,"Disarda kar yagiyor" sung by Unol Buyukgonenc. It means "It's snowing outside". We sent the song to Greece and they recorded it beautifully :) Thank you dear friends. We loved it!!

the lyrics and translation 


Hava çelik bir ustura gibi
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Zemherinin en acımasız günleri
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Öyle masallardaki gibi incecikten
Ya da lapa lapa değil
Döne döne
Buram buram
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Hava ustura gibi soğuk
Minicik elleriyle
Üşümüş ayaklarını ovuşturan çocuk
Geceleyin araba vapurunda ürkek gözlerle
Biletçiyi kolluyor
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Morarmış ellerini
Isıtmaya yetmiyor nefesi
Kimi kimsesi
Gidecek bir yeri yok
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Sırtında paltosu yok
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Ayağında pabucu yok
Dışarda kar yağıyor
Hava soğuk çok soğuk çok
Gün yılın bir çocuk günü olabilir
Yıl dünya çocuk yılı olabilir
Onun bunlardan haberi yok
Üşümüş acıkmış
Sıcacık bir çörek gibi güneşi düşlüyor
Dışarda kar yağıyor


The weather is like a knife
It's snowing outside
The most cruel days of the winter
It's snowing outside
Raining lightly
As in the fairy tales
Not in big flakes
but turning and turning
in great whirls
It's snowing outside
The boy rubbing his cold feet with his little hands
Watching the ticket seller in the ferry with scary eyes
It's snowing outside
his breath is not enough to warm his frozen hands
has noone and nowhere to go
It's snowing outside
Has no coat on
It's snowing outside
Has no shoes
It's snowing outside
It's cold very very cold
It may be a day of The Children's Day
It may be the year of The Children's year
He doesn't know
Craving for sun like it's a doughnot
Not loved
Not known
It's snowing outside

9 Aralık 2013 Pazartesi

The overall results of the questionnnaire

Dear friends,

We hope this questionnaire was mind broadening for all of us. We all love music and we know that music is a universal language that removes the walls and borders.The aim of the questionnaire was to understand how much we are involved in music in our everyday lives and how much we know about the job opportunities in music for young people.

The questionnaire was applied to 363 pupils. Here are the overall results:


Do you use the internet for music?

Do you use the internet for music:

to compose music?

To download music?

To listen to music?

To do research?

To sell music?
Approximately how many hours per week do you spend on music related activities?



Do you play or sing any kind of music?

Which of the following do you listen more? (Put a tick )

Local songs&singers

International songs&singers



Do you know the names of music schools in your hometown?

Are you planning to pursue a career in music industry?

Do you think music education is a must for a music career?

Do you think a job in music can be a person's major income?

In your opinion, what are the three most important qualities someone needs who wishes to pursue a career in music? Choose 3 from the following:

Business savvy 





Performing ability


Other (please specify)



Choir Director

Background singer
Church Organist

Song writer
Stage Manager

Music journalist

Sound Man (or Woman)

Music director

Musical instrument builder/designer

Disk jokey
Instrument repair and restroration specialist

Record producer

Music store salesperson/manager

Recording engineer

Music teacher

Voice therapist

Opera singer
Music therapist

Concert promoter

Speech pathologist

Sound technician

Celebrity bodyguard

Music librarian

Music producer